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Contact Luciano's Restaurant

Call 316/777-0045 for Reservations

216 W Main St - Mulvane, KS - 67110 - USA    Street Address

PO Box 234 - Mulvane, KS - 67110 - USA        Mailing Address



1st Course

Bruschetta di Peperoni 

 Roasted Peppers marinated in Garlic

& Olive Oil served atop Toasted Bread 


2nd Course

Zuppa di Funghi

A Soup made from Real Cream and 

diced Porcini Mushrooms


3rd Course

Pasta e Spinaci 

 Gigli Toscani Pasta and fresh Spinach 

sauteed in a Cheese & Cream Sauce


4th Course 

Pollo e Ricotta 

 Diced Chicken seasoned with Italian Spices

 baked and served in a Ricotta Cheese Sauce


5th Course 

Dolce Della Casa 

Chef’s Dessert of Choice


Five 3oz. Glasses of Wine Paired for $10 more